About Us

Bam Bam Bakehouse first came to life back in 2015 and since then its talented team of bakers, patissiers, chefs and makers have turned the Mermaid Beach bakehouse into a cult-followed pastry destination and cafe.  

The Bam Bam Bakehouse family is driven by passion for traditional French-style artisan baking – they’re a bunch of perfectionists, they work with only the best ingredients and are masters of their craft. Everything you see is handmade from scratch, in small batches throughout the day, so you can enjoy it all at its absolute best (the way it should be).

At Bam Bam, the hero is the humble croissant. Using the finest quality butter and flour, it takes the team three days to make one of these flaky, buttery beauties. Though, the goodness extends well beyond that. The cabinet is popping with mouth-watering pastries across the day, from crisp choux bombs to decadent eclairs, indulgent filled cruffins and plenty of innovative limited-edition creations. You can even order your favourites from the online store before you come so you don’t miss out!